ReactMax Parallel Reactor System

The ReactMax parallel reactor calorimeter systems are designed for chemical process development and optimization. This system gives chemists to have a real-time “process view” into reaction mechanistic by utilizing real time heat-flow calorimetry. This system excels at high pressure and cryogenic, heterogeneous, and 2-phase reactions that requires vigorous stirring..

Key Features:

• Produces data that can scale for production processes.

• Browse and screen reaction multiple reactions profiles early with grams of materials

• Obtain total heat released, scalable heat release rate profile, reaction kinetics and thermodynamics, heat capacity and thermochemical conversion.

• Perform wide ranging reactions from pressure to multi-step reactions with preheating and differential capabilities that eliminate error from sensible heats.

One System Multiple Uses:

The rate information obtained from this system provides a sensitive measure to track global reaction progress and kinetics. The resulting characteristic reaction profiles and reaction calorimetric data can be used for detailed kinetic / thermodynamic characterization, and process operability evaluation.



• 3 reactors - dual reagent injections per reactor
• temperature range from -100C to +200C
• 25 microwatt sensitivity
• pressure reactors up to 1500 psig
• 1400 rpm internal vortex magnetic stirring
• preheating block and differential capabilities available to eliminate sensible heat effects